JW Show 128 Part 1 – Curated by Billy

Apr 4, 2011 by

Finally getting these excellent shows out on the podcast!  Billy, our superfan, has done some magnificent work choosing the playlist for this show including Blacklab, Skittish, Lights Out Dancing, and The Clintons.

He’s also sent us a few messages to add.  You’ll hear me read them on the program, but I’ll include them here as well.

Blacklab has been chosen for this week’s Free Music Feature because they are always offering a free mp3 on their website, go check it out and grab yourself a tasty mp3 from Blacklab.

The Clintons band photo

The Clintons

  1. Loomis & the Lust – Bright Red Chords
  2. The Clintons – Little Miss Perfect
  3. Lights Out Dancing  – The Narrator
  4. Green River Ordinance – Goodbye LA
  5. Circus Envy – Three Score and Ten
  6. Skittish –  Lovesongs and Lullabyes
  7. Black Lab – Postcards
  8. Kakuzi – Sunkissed Planet
  9. Ghosts You Echo – Erika
  10. Titty Bingo – To Forget You
  11. David Goo – Don’t Be a Dick
  12. Rachel Golding – Like What You See
  13. Jake Morley – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

What Billy had to say about Blacklab…

One of the tracks being played today is by a band called Black Lab. This band rocks, and I remember in the late 90’s seeing Paul Durham and his band at a small club where we used to live. It was electrifying and was one of the indie sparks that remains to this day. Regardless of one’s age, artists come along that we connect with. Black Lab/Paul Durham in the late 90’s was a connection like Springsteen in the 70’s and Pearl Jam in the early 90’s was for me. As I fast forward to today’s indie music, that very same search leads to new and great discoveries. The Justin Wayne Show has exposed me to many great artists, and I particularly like the Clintons, Loomis and the Lust, and Titty Bingo. Great indie artists and worth checking out.

Grab the second half of this show for more songs chosen by Billy and all of his kind words about us!