JW Show 123 Part 1: Louis Eliot and Free Music

Mar 2, 2011 by


Louis Eliot joins us this week to talk about his new project and Kernow in the City, a celebration of Cornwall music in London on St. Piran’s Day, which he also talks about in great detail.  I never knew the Cornwall folklore was so interesting.  Free mp3s coming to you as well from our Free Music Feature this week, Dirty Proper’s continuing album, Live at the Music City Bar.


Name This Fish!

We’ve got a competition running to name our new “fish” mascot (above in the header) as he’s going to be appearing on limited edition tee-shirts very soon.  You win one of the tee-shirts if you submit the winning name.  How do you submit? Email, Facebook, Twitter… you can even comment on this post if you like (or reply to the email if you get this in your email box.)

Title Album Artist
Hit the Button Nearly Man – MP3 Mike Marlin
Spencer Park (Live) Parks EP Matt Stevens
Mamma Said Police Ryan Jones
sparrow Recharged Radio Bands in the Basement Vol 1 Rachel Kenedy
sunkissed planet Recharged Radio Bands in the Basement Vol 1 Kakuzi
Tonight Alone 2-21-11 “Live From MCB” Dirty Proper
02 Something You Dont Know Two Strangers Black Lab
Erika Lifeline Ghosts You Echo
Hundred Ballons Hella Better Dancer
Immersed Devices School Europa Echoes From Jupiter

Make sure to listen to the second half of the show which includes the lovely interview with the wonderful Louis Eliot.