JW Show 122 Part 1: Philadelphia Silversound

Feb 23, 2011 by


(NOT) Certified Organic – this week’s show has some of the artists kicking around the notion that perfect is boring and art is not always shiny and nice.  Great songwriting and tunes fill the show, but without that gritted teeth feeling of an overly cleaned sink.  To go along with this is our Free Music Feature starring Nick Tann’s free mp3 EP.

This episode is also the debut of our new comedy genius correspondent from Bozeman, Montana, Mr. Joe Dosch.  Have a look and a listen (and his bit is at the end of the first hour.

The second half of the show has an excellent interview from Kevin Frank of Silversound Productions in of Philadelphia, USA.  He joined us to talk about his views on the music recording world (as he’s a producer) and also looking at it from a post-touring-band-drummer point of view as his band Silvertide toured the world for almost 10 years before splitting up.  It’s a great one, don’t miss it.

Title Album Artist
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Single (Jan 30th) Jake Morley
Goodbye L.A. Out Of My Hands Green River Ordinance
Welcome to the Circus The Perfect Shade of Green II Skittish
Don’t Cry On Me Hope Street Ben Ripani
Wonderful Day Something In My Soul Chad Neaves
Saturday Soldier Be Brave Auditorium
Flowers In My Mind Flowers In My Mind Lester Clayton
Living for the life of prison Jon Byrne – Andy Strange Sessions Jon Byrne
Sweepstakes Capsized Capillary Action
Perfect World Perfect World OK
Tell The World Under The Weather But Over The Moon OK
Runaway Night Kittow’s Moor Louis Eliot & The Embers
Like What You See Like What You See Rachel Golding
Bursts of Static Mother’s Ruin EP Bordeauxxx

Now grab the second half of the show with the interview from Kevin Frank!