JW Show 119 Part 1: A Vault Show

Feb 2, 2011 by

Due to the fact that show 118 was eaten by beasts, we’ve gone back into the catalogue a bit to bring you some absolutely wonderful music.  I think you’ll agree…  (we’ve even got TWO parts this week, so make sure you get both!)


What Ate Episode 118

Title Album Artist
Burn The Fleet Burn The Fleet Black Holes
The Compass The Compass Projekt
All Eat Up El Mundo Latino Via Dove
I’m a Bad Mamma Jamma (Who Works at Wendy’s) Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug
Confidence 3 Songs Kicks and Spurs
Life Support Machine Life Support Machine Senadee
Words and Wars Words and Wars Kakuzi
Shut Your Mouth Shut Your Mouth Pippa Marias
Poetry In Poltergiests Cozzi Sessions Trevor Larkin
Curtain Call Dismantle the Sky Vaudeville
Argentina Masters of Imperfection The Quails
Flirting With Disaster Burning Down The Dance Club The Phoenix Philosophy
Digital Accordian Digital Accordian The Lovely Eggs

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