JW Show 116 Part 1: Launching 2011

Jan 12, 2011 by


Twenty Eleven is here. Let’s do it.

stevie-and-the-moon-rainbows-singleFirst, nominations are still open as the Superbowl is pushing back our big Birthday Best Show. My birthday is next weekend, the show’s is the 29th of January, but we won’t celebrate until the 2nd week of February. I hope that’s cool. (It means you can still email in nominations for another week!)

What are we doing this week? Well, WE’RE back and we’ve got Sam Barnes in to talk American Football playoffs. Thank goodness, because I keep talking myself into corners… good thing he’s here to bail me out.

Also, we have got a track of the week “Rainbows” from Stevie and the Moon. What soaring vocals to start off the new year right.

  1. John Solomone Band – “Wrong or Right”
  2. The Rails – “Lights”
  3. Dirty Proper – “Jager Bomb Nation”
  4. To The Chase – “When You Believed”
  5. TRACK OF THE WEEKStevie and the Moon – “Rainbows”
  6. John Byrne and the Victims – “Dark City Lights”
  7. OT-Music Boy – “Stuck on My Mind”
  8. LoveLikeFire – “Saint Martin” (album reviewed by SpursSimon over at MumblessandGrumbles.com)
  9. Imperial Rooster – “Eating Fish and Drinkin’ Sterno”




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