JW Show 115 Part 2 – Silversound and LiveUnsigned

Dec 15, 2010 by


Welcome to the second-half of the show where we’ve got some great music and a wonderful guest to share with you.

live-unsignedBut first, make sure you get subscribed to the Twelve Songs of Christmas as soon as you can!  It starts on the 25th of December – Christmas Day – and ends 7th of January.  12 free tunes in your podcast-stocking!

Our guest this week is Elizabeth Wood from LiveUnsigned.com.  Their website lists only indie and microlabel artists’ gigs around the world – a great resource for those of us who travel and want to find new music wherever we are.  They’ve just done a bunch of upgrading to their site and Elizabeth also share some very exciting news on who they may be working with in the future.

Name :: Album :: Artist

Check out our Artist Links page to find more info on all of our artists!

  1. In The Morning :: Just For Tonight :: Dirty Proper
  2. Time :: Life After The Bomb :: The Haiku
  3. Interview with Elizabeth Wood of LiveUnsigned.com
  4. Codex :: Aetiology [EP] :: Aetiology
  5. Silent Night :: Xmas Single :: zerOKilled
  6. Suppertime :: See You When I See You::  Captain Kennedy
  7. Shakeytown :: The Rip :: I Heart Hiroshima
  8. This Time Next Year :: The Union :: The Union

Have a great Christmas break and we’ll see you after the new year!  Don’t forget to collect your 12 free singles!  Subscribe to the 12 Songs of Christmas and you’ll be sure to get them all!

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