JW Show 113 Part 2: Dust and Clinics

Nov 24, 2010 by


The Hawley Arms

It’s the Tourdates Musicians Clinic Feature with all of the bands that appeared at the Hawley Arms this past Monday at our monthly musician and industry mixer where we review demos, chat about new music industry tactics and finding new solutions for new media.

The panel draws from a nice-sized pool of music industry intelligentsia, and we were not short of experience or knowledge this past Monday.  We had Leonard Lowy of Leonard Lowy & Co, JC of Fairwood Music International, and Andy Ross, our resident super-veteran manager.

We also had 8 great bands turn up, only 7 wanted us to play their tracks, so they’re here.

(Links to Artists’ Websites Are Found Here)

Title Album Artist
Secret Heart The Blue Album My Autumn Sons
Fight or Flight The Cargo Cult The Cargo Cult
Crank the Volume Urban Foxes Urban Foxes
Cosmic Love Leo’s Hollywood Tantrum Leo’s Hollywood Tantrum
Hot Phone New For You The Little Philistines
Sinful Scarlletta Debut Singles Scarlletta
Winter Train Pete the Solo Artist Pete the Solo Artist
My Heart is an Open Book Sand River EP Sand River

One of the big things we talked about was creating a music product, and I’ve done a bit of summarising in the show.  Have a listen!

Thanks to everyone for coming, see you in January (….Musicians Clinic people.  Don’t worry, the show continues!)


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  1. Hi really enjoyed listening to the show. Pete the solo artist was the one that stood out for me.

    I recommend the musicians clinics, so long as you’re prepared they might be tough. It’s good to know how you are seen – and not seen – by people at the business end. Certainly it helped me to clarify things. Not that they’re going to stop me of course.