JW Show 113 Part 1: Dust and Clinics

Nov 24, 2010 by


Hey Guys,



Great stuff this week.  We’ve got LoveLikeFire‘s brand new single that’s just come out, “Dust” as well as we’re giving away the track we played of theirs last week, “Saint Martin” over there in the sidebar.  It’s FREE, click on it.—->

I also got sent pre-release tracks from Jon Byrne‘s new EP called Dark City Life.  It’s FAB, and you’ll hear a cut on the show this week as well.

And the second half brings the excellent new feature with notes and tracks from the Tourdates Musicians Clinic with all of the bands that appeared at the Hawley Arms this past Monday.

As for this show…

Title Album Artist
Sun Kissed Planet Sun-Kissed Planet Kakuzi
BATTERED_AND_BLUE ….and this wild heart beats again Kareña Kelly
Confidence Kicks and Spurs
No Coward Soul New For You The Little Philistines
Bitter Love Almanac The Nadas
Don’t Say No Jamestown Story
Dust Dust LoveLikeFire
Kingdom of Allorida Holy City Rollers
King Of the Roaring Twenties The Jude
Take Me Down Gideon’s Demise Gideon’s Demise
Flirting With Disaster Burning Down The Dance Club The Phoenix Philosophy
Paradise Dark City Life Jon Byrne & the Victims
When We’re Over Single ROOM9

Great tracks this week guys!  Keep on sending them.

Hop to the second half of the show…