JW Show 112 Part 2: I Keep on Losing

Nov 17, 2010 by


I thought we’d talk a little more about Movember as well as some fun things happening with Nick Tann and Matt Stevens.

nick tann

Nick Tann

We’re also doing the short prequel to the Tourdates Musician’s Clinic that I now run down in Camden here in London.  These are great opportunities for bands and artists to get great feedback on their demos and get their demos heard by industry professionals If you fancy coming down to the next one with a demo, click on over to the site and register.

And now for the playlist…

Do visit our Artists Page for all the links to the artists played on today’s show and EVERY show we’ve ever done.  There’s quite a few there!

Title Album Artist
Psychotic (Hello Syd) Norman Allen Wentz
How Do You Sleep? Don’t Make Me Wait Nick Tann
Burnt Out Car Ghost Matt Stevens
Spencer Park (Live) Parks EP Matt Stevens
Isobelle New EP Jespa
The Fire Never Before but Maybe Again play_rewind_eject
Song for the Dead Transitions JKLMNO
Sun Kissed Planet Sun-Kissed Planet Kakuzi
Jumpstart My Rocket Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug

Thanks for joining us this week.  Come back next week for the Musician’s Clinic recap!