JW Show 111: Scout66 and Kakuzi – Part 2

Nov 10, 2010 by


Scout66In this half of the show we’re speaking to Janet Hansen from Con Brio PR and Scout66.com.  She joins us to talk about the music industry and give us her knowledge after working with independent artists for nearly 27 years.

She also describes her new, fan-journalist powered website Scout66.  Looks like a fantastic way for someone with loads of music experience to give back to the indie music community!  Check it out!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 111 Part 2: Scout66 and Kakuzi

  1. You’re Not The Way :: The Way :: Reign.Broke.Better
  2. Solid State :: 11|70 Fake Teak
  3. Guilty (You’re The One) :: RED HOT :: Ivory Tower Project
  4. She’s Under My Skin :: Restless :: The Smith Bros.
  5. Poetry In Poltergiests :: Cozzi Sessions :: Trevor Larkin
  6. Interview with Janet Hansen of Brio PR and Scout66.com
  7. Factory Song :: All the Other Animals :: Skeletons with Flesh on Them