JW Show 111: Scout66 and Kakuzi – Part 1

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Packed show tonight full of new submissions, great songs you’ve already heard, and a very informative interview.  Janet Hansen from Brio PR and Scout66.com joins us in the second hour to talk about the music industry and give us her knowledge after working with independent artists for nearly 27 years.

kakuziKakuzi dropped a bomb on us this week – a brand new single which is being released on the 27th of December from Animal Farm Records.  It’s called “Words and Wars” and it’s our Track of the Week!

Getting used to the split shows yet?  We’ve had @SpursSimon from the blog Rumbles and Grumbles saying nice things, as well as Rowley from The Dark Compass Podcast.  Thanks for the encouragement guys!

If you’ve got anything to add, get in touch jw(at)thejustinwayneshow.com.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 111 Part 1: Scout66 and Kakuzi

  1. Song title :: Album Title :: Artist
  2. Special Times :: Cupcake EP :: The Flotels
  3. Cosmonaut :: HEY GIRL :: Giant Wow
  4. Gonna Get Better :: Gonna Get Better EP :: Amy Regan
  5. Madmen :: Put Away the Camera :: Brave Chandeliers
  6. TRACK OF THE WEEK! >> Words and Wars :: Kakuzi
  7. Cold Blues :: Concrete Class :: The Lonely H
  8. California’s Burning :: ZERO :: VOiD
  9. Pathways :: Sleepless Street :: Peter Doran
  10. Almost Home :: Away :: The Window Theatre
  11. Night Time :: Final Masters :: Victoria And Jacob
  12. If I Could and You Ever Would :: Burning the Tracks LP ::  Unquiet Nights
  13. Disposable Company Makes A Lonely Man :: The Spotless Mind :: Icarus The Owl

Come visit the second half of the show for the interview!


You’re Not The Way 2:53 The Way Reign.Broke.Better
Solid State 2:38 11|70 Fake Teak
Guilty (You’re The One) 3:22 RED HOT Ivory Tower Project
She’s Under My Skin 3:29 Restless The Smith Bros.
Poetry In Poltergiests 4:05 Cozzi Sessions Trevor Larkin
Factory Song 3:38 All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them

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