JW Show 110: Loftdaddy – Part 2

Nov 3, 2010 by

Niz of Loftdaddy

Niz of Loftdaddy

This half of the show contains the nice little chat we had with Niz of Loftdaddy.  He tells us about how the band came together, its amazing talent pool, and the difference between practicing for a gig and composing new music for the next album.

We’ve also got a few special tracks for your listening pleasure, including two Loftdaddy tracks:  “Dream” and the title track from their EP “Words”.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 110: Loftdaddy – Part 2

Title Album Artist
Give Us Gold The Fury And The Sound BRENN
Ball & Chain Heaven Knows Craig Morrison Little Cowboys
Modern Day Hero ÿþB Hattie Snooks
Interview with Niz of Loftdaddy Loftdaddy
dream Words Loftdaddy
words Words Loftdaddy

Thanks to Niz and also Amy of Futureproof Promotions for organising the interview!