JW Show 110: Loftdaddy – Part 1

Nov 3, 2010 by



Niz from the band Loftdaddy joins us this week, as well as a bunch of fantastic tracks off their new album, Words.

We’ve also got a fantastic new band called The Feel on the program this week, a brand new track from The Helmholtz Resonators, and a great track from a new album from another new artist to the show, Will Echo.

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Enough about me…

The Justin Wayne Show 110: Loftdaddy – Part 1

Title Album Artist
Halloween Kotki Dwa
Future At Last Woven Bird
Subway Man Belly Full of Brains Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt
Entertainer of the Year Vampire Hotel Chris Kirby
a history of the future Words Loftdaddy
Taste Welcome to Antioch The Feel
Oompah – Garland’s Time Dilation Unit Mix Lystarc Musbainer The Helmholtz Resonators
The Horse You’ve Gotta Ride Fragile Will Echo
Back in the U.S. of A. Americana Dreams Mike Stout
But Sweet Once, or Twice Julia Barry
All Eat Up El Mundo Latino Via Dove
Dire In Plain Sight J.P. Corwyn
Time Slipping Away ROOM9 ROOM9
When We’re Over ROOM9 ROOM9

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