JW Show 106 Part 2: Soon to Be Soapbox

Sep 29, 2010 by


This second portion of The Justin Wayne Show live broadcast is going to be focused on interviews, previews, specials, and rants and raves because I feel that sometimes I have a responsibility as a member of the media to share things with you that may very well be relevant to your life as a listener of this show.

Please let me know what you think of this segment of the show as we go along:  jw (at) thejustinwayneshow.com.  Email me anytime.

This one is just about more music…

The Justin Wayne Show 106 Part 2: Soon to be “The Soapbox”

Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Field
07 Dear Friend Listen Emanuel and The Fear
Sex With An X Sex With An X The Vaselines
Little Yellow Little Yellow Leigh Mary Stokes
Something About You Something About You (single) SomaHigh
Heartbreak Hotel AutoLove avenge vulture attack
8-Bit Pimp 8-Bit Pimp A_Rival
nrrrd grrrl mc chris is dead mc chris
Banoffee Banoffee Calamateur
Show Me Girl 8-Bit Pimp A_Rival
Small Potatoes The Church of Steve Honest Robert Batley

Getting back to normal…


Oh, My Desperate Soul    Be Brave    Field
07 Dear Friend    Listen    Emanuel and The Fear
Sex With An X    Sex With An X    The Vaselines
gigguide tourdates    Recharged Radio    Recharged Radio
Little Yellow    Little Yellow    Leigh Mary Stokes
Something About You    Something About You (single)    SomaHigh
Heartbreak Hotel    AutoLove    avenge vulture attack
8-Bit Pimp    8-Bit Pimp    A_Rival
nrrrd grrrl    mc chris is dead    mc chris
Banoffee    Banoffee    Calamateur
Show Me Girl    8-Bit Pimp    A_Rival
Small Potatoes    The Church of Steve Honest    Robert Batley