JW Show 105: Back to the Future

Sep 22, 2010 by


Going back to the one-hour format deserved this title… shame I didn’t rip some tasteless movie quotes from the films.  Maybe next week?

mr twist i come round again singleWe do have a fabulous Track of the Week from Mr. Twist… it ended up the first track I heard off the album when they sent it to me, but it’s the last on the actual record.  A great tune, “Start Again” makes me want to do exactly that, start the album over again.  Grab a download of their current released single (that we also play on the show) on their website at mrtwistband.com.

Here’s the rest of the (much shorter) playlist!  Keep it locked on the website for the auxiliary podcasts that will come off of hour two of the live broadcast.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 105: Back to the Future

Fever :: Fever Single :: The Quails
Watch the Sun :: Gideon’s Demise
Bitter Love :: Almanac :: The Nadas
Downtown Liquor Store :: Modern Day Fairy Tales :: Junebug
Start Again :: :: Mr. Twist :: Mr. Twist
I Come Round Again :: Mr. Twist :: Mr. Twist
Jericho :: Hattie Snooks
Doves :: American (Fever) Dream :: Aaron English
Blue Filter :: Esoteric: An Introduction To The Sunday Free Noodle :: Matt Stevens
Gonna Get Better :: Gonna Get Better EP :: Amy Regan
Actions :: Actions :: Films of Colour
Hey Big Bang :: Urgency :: Superhumanoids
Armadillo Man :: Life In The Canopy :: Sweet Sweet Concorde

Keep rolling in the messages for new side-podcasts and extra content popping up in the coming weeks.