JW Show 104: A Musical Trading Post

Sep 15, 2010 by


Hey Guys,

tradingpost1I’m beginning to gather phone/mp3 adverts for my Musical Trading Post coming up in the next few weeks.  If you’ve got a new single, album, or other indie music service you’d like to promote please give us a ring and leave a message on US Number (+1): 646-495-9244 Extension: 10523.  (It’s in the sidebar if you forget.)  You’re also welcome to email mp3s to jw (at) thejustinwayneshow (dot) com.

Just do a phone recording of 30 seconds in length including:

  • Who you are
  • What you’re promoting
  • How we can contact you

…and we’ll get those on the show pronto!

Anyway, on with the show… almost 30 songs this week!  Remember, next week’s regular podcast is only an hour long, with auxiliary podcasts to download as well.  Have a look around the website and grab some more audio if you need it!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 104: A Musical Trading Post

MIA (Made In America) :: Heaven Knows :: Craig Morrison and Little Cowboys
I Wanna Do Right :: Been Gone Too Long :: The Snake Charmers
I’m The Enforcer :: Be Brave :: Auditorium
Speaking Springsteen :: The Church of Steve Honest :: Robert Batley
Lonely Scientist :: The Lonely Scientist (EP) :: Ryan Rebo
Take me Down :: Gideon’s Demise
Watermelons :: Toby Bain, David Kelly, Matthew Wagstaff
Enemies :: Enemies Single :: Talk to Angels
Fit Of Rage :: The Fury And The Sound :: BRENN
Fever :: Fever Single :: The Quails
Burning :: Red Hot :: Ivory Tower Project
Feel Alive :: Here To Remind You :: Dirty Proper
Post Office Tower :: The Church of Steve Honest :: Fake Teak
Solid State :: 11|70 :: Fake Teak
Bad City :: Bad City :: 12″ SAADI
Love Song :: Bayu Risa
The Narrator :: Ever The Optimist :: Lights Out Dancing
Talk About :: Drunk Like Bible Times :: Dear and the Headlights
Pistol :: Please Come Home :: Dustin Kensrue
Coffeelocks :: Home :: Gavin Castleton
Madmen :: Put Away the Camera :: Brave Chandeliers
Too Heavy To Stand Up :: Delooze
Ways To An End :: Mirrors
Electric Shocks :: Robot Disaster
Jumpstart My Rocket :: Modern Day Fairy Tales :: Junebug
Art of Living :: Twilight :: Via Dove
Long Goodbye :: Almanac :: The Nadas

Reduced length next week, but our second live hour is going to turn into multiple other podcasts which will go out on their own from thejustinwayneshow.com.  Do check it out!