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Jay Tromp debuted on TJWS July 1 with his track Up In The Air. What does he have in store for 5.5 readers?

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on radio.

I think the first time I heard myself on the radio was in Las Vegas in October last year. I had just finished a 90 minutes set and I went back to the hotel I stayed that week. My girlfriend and I stepped into the elevator and I was calling someone. I believe KLUC Las Vegas was on in the elevator. I didn’t notice it was my track and my girlfriend whispered to me: “Hey Jay, isn’t that your track?” I hanged the phone and I totally freaked out. We totally freaked out. I didn’t submit any music to them, but apparently they knew about my just released album. I really couldn’t believe it.

What non-instrument sound do you love?

Whistling blackbirds when you wake up in the morning. The beep of the microwave too actually “food is ready!”

Tell us about your favorite gig

Definitely the show where I performed with back to back with Mightyfools. It was in Club AIR (Amsterdam). It was packed, 100% sold out but it was even better that we were just having fun. It was one big awesome party with tons of friends and we kept on going til 5 am. You know, Mightyfools consists of two guys (Jelle & Andy) and they’re pretty crazy and that makes them pretty awesome because sometimes you just have to let everything go. Club AIR isn’t that big (about 1200 people) which makes it really intimate. That’s awesome because you can really interact with your fans.

What is something you still want to learn?

Spanish for sure! Such a beautiful language.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

Subway’s Spicy Italian! The combo of Italy and spicy is great. And what to drink? Just a glass of milk… Classy and simple and healthy as well (not to mention I just like milk a lot)

What one song never ever leaves your music player’s playlist?

Toughest question on earth. I listen genres like Pop and House but at the same time I like Jazz and Rock as well… All very different as you can see. I think it would be Lady Gaga’s ‘Hair’. Many people pull a face by hearing that name, but I think she’s amazing. She inspires me, her life story is very interesting, she’s a humble and kind person and… she’s an amazing entertainer. She can truly sing, she writes and produces her song herself and she plays piano and drums as well. The song ‘Hair’ is not just a really catchy, nice written song, it has a message in it as well. It’s truly worth a listen or two listens, maybe even three.

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