Who Are You by JazzMine Garfield – Free Music Feature MP3

Mar 28, 2014 by

“Who Are You” by JazzMine Garfield is yours for the taking this week! We played a great track from this talented girl on last weeks live show which made me want dive into her collection head first. Whilst doing just that in my own time I found that she had this little number going to free. Be sure to listen to ‘Great Wall’ whilst you are lingering over this lady, it’s so fricking good.

Keep your packaging because the 24 from Birmingham, AL truly belongs outside of the crowded box. The guitarist/singer/songwriter, has proven that creating in the realm of folk,soul,alternative, hip hop and blues she truly sets a part from many. “To be great means breaking barriers, not being afraid to be you, and most importantly stepping out and influencing others.” JazzMine is a voice of her own, and with her electric personality she is taking the world by storm.