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It’s been too long, I’m so sorry! I’ve probably lost half of my regular people and some of you are most likely surprised to hear from me. Awful. It won’t happen again. I’ve been working so hard at getting a job… and it looks like it’s finally going to work out! More news at ten… (or a bit later in the blog…) I’ve decided to include some of the pictures we’ve taken over the past couple weeks, including pictures of our flat! Yay! (That’s me getting eaten by a lion in Trafalgar Square, the geographical center of London)

So much has occurred in the past little while… I’m going to include a new episode of “The Classic Chronicles” in the sidebar as well as the cool, thirty-second promo that Off the Chart Radio made for me. Then you can email it to your friends and say, “Hey, here’s a cool radio show, check out this blog at”. (You might sound weird trying to pronounce that, so I’d try just saying the first few letters…)

Remember, if you want to read the blog (or do other things on the internet) while you listen to the show you can right-click on the show link in the sidebar and “open in new window”. You must have quicktime or realplayer to do this, but your browser should be equipped. If it doesn’t open, let me know and I’ll help:

You can also download it if you right click and “save linked file…” or “download linked file”.

Also, if you get a chance, check out and you can listen to the station as well as see the other DJs’ playlists (we call them “Presenters” here in the UK) in order to choose shows that you may like. There’s quite an eclectic mix of music on the station, and it’s all very professionally done. It’s like listening to commercial radio without the commercials. Sweet!

Enough of this blog’s commercial, let’s get down to business.

That’s Jamie in Green Park.

There’s been some great news. I was invited to interview at a school in north London for a position (or “post” here in the UK) as a Theatre Technician. Their educational system allows them to complete their compulsory studies earlier than in the States and focus their last two years, from ages 16 to 18 on subjects of their choosing. Different schools have different focuses and specialties, and this particular school has a specialty in theatre.

(As a quick aside, the difference between the two words theater and theatre -ER and RE at the end – is that the ER version, THEATER, is used when describing the physical space that holds plays, movies, or whatever. “I work at the seventh street theater.” The other version, the RE version THEATRE, commonly smite-ed as “stuck up and British” is actually used to describe the abstract idea of performance, plays, or whatever. “I have been writing for the theatre for the past seven years.”)

…I just learned that myself not too long ago.


After the interview, they called and told me that they wanted to offer me the job but weren’t sure about the work permit. That was Tuesday. On Friday they contacted me again and FORMALLY OFFERED ME THE JOB. I will have to bounce back to the States for a few weeks, most likely very soon, in order to switch my visa. I am also waiting on the school to finish applying for the permit for me and once that all goes through, and it looks like it will, I’ll b-line it back to the States.

So… Sweet! I’m very excited. For those of you who don’t know me on a deep, personal level I spent a good portion of my time working in theatre construction, technology and management while I was attending college. While my degree was focused in the film realm, there were a number of classes dedicated to the theatre and I worked as the Technical Manager for the Strand Union Theater at Montana State University for over three years. Along with my love of teaching (I coached basketball and soccer for a few years back in high school and taught snowboarding this past winter) I’m very excited for this post and thank everyone for their continued support.

Especially my parents. Both my mother and father have helped Jamie and I through this hard time and I thank them for that.

Equally, Jamie’s parents. They’ve been helping us out as well. We’re lucky to have such supportive parents.

*Sniffle* It’s been a really emotional ride these past few months and I can’t thank those people enough.

Alright, enough sniffles. How about some more pictures?

Here’s a cute one of Jamie and I. My digital camera passed away recently, may it rest in peace (or in pieces! dammit!) but luckily Jamie had one as well. I’ll get over it. (Did I use the adjective, “cute”?)

I thought she was smiling in this picture. Ignorance…

Here begins a tour of our flat. Where I am is where we were just sitting and this is our living room.

More Living Room. A cool fireplace that works! (Actually, wouldn’t that make it hot?)

Junk in the hall closet.

Jamie’s in the kitchen washing some dishes. Thanks, hon!

This is the kitchen from the other side. What is that in the hallway?

Oh. It’s a weedwacker. Gosh, I thought it was a weedwacker… Oh, it IS a weedwacker.

Our front hall is very narrow.

Our room is right inside the house, first door on the left. Look, there’s Jamie and SURPRISE! She’s studying.

And that’s a quick tour of our room. Built-in shelves, futon mattress, desk, cupboard that holds our hang-up clothes, and a fireplace (that works too!). My guitar case was also seen in the corner. It’s been lonely lately but I busted it out this weekend and it was happy once again.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for you for now. I do hope you enjoyed it, I apologize for the extreme delay, I’ll make sure to update at least one a week from now on, even when I travel back to the States again.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support, especially our parents out there doing things for us that we don’t often say thank you for, so here’s one for the record…


Alrighty. Until next time…


Justin and Jamie

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