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Feb 4, 2008 by

My dear friends,

After close review of myself, my blog, and my podcast I decided that the best thing to do is to give everyone what they want. Some of you don’t want to listen to the radio, and that’s fine. (If you do, check the links in the sidebar… if you right-click you can “open in new window” and listen while you read) Some of you want to read a story. I haven’t been giving you that for the past couple weeks because I was devoting all my energies toward the podcast. Well, let’s moderate a bit, shall we?

Truth be told, I’m still devoting a lot of my energy into this podcast as I’m on the search for more artists and more listeners. All that info is in the sidebar if you want. I must, however “moderate” and give the readers a story. From now on I’ll be doing a SEPARATE podcast entry and a SEPARATE blog entry every week, how does that sound? So, if you want to read the blog or need to know what the podcast playlist was it may not be on top of the blog, but only a short scroll-button-trip away. Ride on, scroll button!

Anyway, the story. Right. Ok, here goes…

First of all, can I just say that when people sew their eyes shut, or it looks like they have (like… um… pretend.) it creeps me out. It gives me the jibblies. For more info on the jibblies see one of my favorite Homestarrunner cartoons here.

But anyways… The house consensus has been for quite a while that we need a fifth member of the household, thus adding four more legs. Or, should I say, we’re all in agreement that our small flat needs a K9 friend to keep us company. A dog, we need a dog. Ever since we left Abby back in the States with my parents we’ve been lonely for her and a little four-legged companionship and the roommates had been brewing the idea for even longer than that. I think they were excited when they found out we wanted a dog too.

A few months ago the roommates went to a re-homing center for strays called The Battersea Dog and Cat Center. A really sweet organization they take a lot of care in finding these animals new homes. After the initial visit and interview they sent someone out to the house to take a look around. They then created a report on our house to see what size of a dog we could get, if we could get one with behavior problems (why? I don’t know) and basically to make sure we didn’t end up with something that would come straight back to the home.

We passed with flying colors, especially since Jamie is in veterinary school. The guy who came really liked that. So, this past weekend we took our first trip to try and pick out a dog. Truly, we didn’t see anything we were particularly enamored with but we saw quite a few that were good prospects. We plan on heading back on Friday to actually make a decision (all four of us) and choose the next member of our household. Four dog lovers in the same house should create a great environment for a little stray or runaway. We’re all very excited.

They have lots of what’s called a Staffy, or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They look a bit like a bulldog, but they’re smaller. Here’s a picture of one.

Isn’t he the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? This is one from the rehoming center. He’s called Ditton. Awww…

So that’s the news in our lives right now. We haven’t decided, but we’ll most likely end up with a Staffy of some sort. We’ll keep you updated on the findings and when we add our fifth to the household! We’re very excited!

That’s about all for now. Podcast update should be by tomorrow, so keep those podcatchers open and ready!



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