Interview: The Jelly Project

Feb 7, 2013 by

Jelly, Paul, Chris and Eric from the band The Jelly Project joined us for a chat so we could get to know the gang better. This band from the Twin Cities has been rocking for almost three years now. They’ve just released a single called “Worthy” to launch their very cool, “Jelly of the Month Club” to be featuring one brand new single each month to the fans. You can join too, over on their website at


The Jelly Project

We also talked about their poor, dead RV and how they killed it on a hill in Lake Tahoe. We learned more about their record label Funk-It Records, their PR company Working Brilliantly, and how the band formed from the reaction of adding the new singer Jelly in with their former band.

We also play three songs: ¬†their first song they wrote as a band called, “Drowning”, as well as “Stupid Animal” which has a great video out now¬†and the new single “Worthy”.