Interview: Sonya Titus

Aug 20, 2013 by

Originally from Texas and now living near London, UK, Sonya Titus joins us recently to talk about her seemingly sudden burst onto the singer / songwriter pop scene. We asked her nicely to cuss on the air, and she told us about songwriting afternoons with some famous names and a borrowed (or stolen) guitar. Oh yeah, and she also just signed to Red Dragon Records and had some very nice things to say about them.


We also played the first single and title track off her upcoming record called “Now”¬†and the acoustic version of the upcoming single “Love Transfusion” which you can download for free if you like. Please do!

Visit Sonya on her website.

Visit Sonya on Facebook.

Grab Sonya’s free acoustic single of “Love Transfusion” from Soundcloud.


Sonya’s new single “Love Transfusion” drops on 30th of September!