Interview: Michael Harren – Solo Musician, Band Member and Music Podcaster

Aug 1, 2013 by

Michael Harren┬áis involved in many musics (no, I’ve not misspelled, I’ve done that on purpose). As a singer/songwriter, actor, band member and music podcaster, “Mikeypod” as he’s known in the podcasting world can just about do it all. And he does, sometimes performing on his own creating soundscapes for stories, creating performances that begin to blur the lines between a gig and a night of theatre. He’s just self-released his first single and is preparing to tour with comedienne Sandra Bernhard, accompanying her on-stage during some of her more musical portions of the show.

He’s got lots more to tell us, have a listen!


Michael Harren or “Mikeypod” has his first single “Go” out now.


Michael Harren (Mikeypod) performing his Tentative Armor set with strings!