Interview: Laura Marie

May 21, 2013 by

Laura Marie joins us to contribute her view on our conversation about “real” independent music from her perspective as an artist harnessing the power of social media. She’s done well – almost four thousand Twitter followers and a staggering 34,000 Facebook likes. She’ll also play us some selections from her new album, The Season. Laura shared some really personal, touching sentiments about her music and the new album – I highly suggest you listen to this interview.


Laura Marie

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Laura Marie’s upcoming gigs:

  • 7th June – Mozart’s Coffee Roasters in Austin
  • 8th June – Taco Garage in San Antonio
  • 8th June – SciFest 2013 – Wonderland of the America’s Mall – San Antonio
  • 13th June Main Plaza Farmers Market @ Cool Down on Main – San Antonio

My Interview Notes, Questions I Asked (non-exhaustive)

  • New album: The Season – recorded with longtime friend, sideman and collaborator Jake Owen (The BoDeans, Goldspot, Sahara Smith)
  • How do you define “independent music”?
  • Who do you know? / Who have you met? / Who have you worked with?
  • What’s your favorite curse word?
  • What comes first for you, lyrics or music?
  • What’s more important in a song for you, rhythm or melody?
  • What would you do if you couldn’t do what you’re doing now? (OR What profession would you attempt apart from your current one?)
  • Do you have any pre-show (or pre-something-else) rituals?

A big special thanks to Laura for being so forthcoming, honest and giving one of the best interviews we’ve had on this show for some time. You’re always welcome on the show, Laura. Anytime.