Interview: Johnny Lucas

Aug 13, 2013 by

On the eve of a splashmob for his upcoming single Lilo, Johnny Lucas joined us to talk about how he went from winning The Next Big Thing to the Cannes Film Festival riding a floating armchair – also known as a lilo.


Johnny Lucas’ new single “Lilo” comes out 22nd of August! (Photo by Sarahphotogirl)

The aforementioned “splashmob” is happening in St. Pancras Station at 11:45am on Wednesday 14th of August followed that evening by a gig at The Narrow in London to support the release of the single Lilo on the 22nd of August.


Johnny shares a bit about how he’s built his team around his one-man act and even shared a few gear secrets about what he lugs around on his back to venues around the UK and France. He told us how we can eat delicious peri-peri chicken just like him (here’s the recipe), what it was like playing for the troops in Afghanistan, about messing with the folks at Cannes, and he’ll even share what’s in store for the future.


The video shot at the Cannes Film Festival for “Lilo”


Johnny performing “Lilo” live at The Leicester Square Theatre