Interview: Cody Beebe from Cody BeeBe and the Crooks

Sep 3, 2013 by

Cody Beebe pulled over onto the side of the road in northern Washington to join us via phone for a chat. His band, Cody Beebe and the Crooks along with guitarist Blake Noble will be performing for us here in Walla Walla on Friday, September 6th at the Three Rivers Winery. I wanted to catch up with him beforehand, so we played a few of their tunes, spoke about being an independent band, touring over much of the year away from their loved ones, and making some great rockin’ music.


He also mentioned a few other things the band has been doing to make some scratch including the release of a wine with Natchez Heights Vineyards called Crooked Red. They’re also running an emerging talent music festival the 13 – 15th of September up in Natchez, Washington called Chinook Fest which from where I’m sitting looks like an amazing music festival.


Cody BeeBe and the Crooks have an excellent album out now, it’s called “Out Here.” Go get it.