Interview: Bradford Loomis

Jun 24, 2014 by

Bradford Loomis came and played Main Street Studios recently and blew all of us away. It’s not everyday that a solo, acoustic guitar player can bring that sort of power, command that sort of attention, and continue it for an entire 45 minutes. At least three times during the set, the sound engineer and I turned to each other and shook our heads in shared amazement. This dude can MUSIC. (I was going to say “play” or “sing” but he does much more than just those things.)

I pulled him into the studio afterwards and we talked about how he’s reached this point in his career, where he began, and where he’s going. He alluded to his new project/album “The Banner Days” and you’ll hear “End of this Chain” off his most recent album, “Into the Great Unknown.”


Check out Bradford Loomis’ new project, “The Banner Days” (photo credit: Kimberly Lynn Loomis)

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