Interview: Beth Rowley

Jul 7, 2013 by

Beth Rowley joins us from London talking about her return to independent music, her new EP Wretched Body coming out 8th of July, and some great stories about people like Ron Sexsmith, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and getting hoisted into place during her film debut. She’s well travelled, but also very humble and completely focused on her music.


Among other things, Beth was fast-tracked to success when she had her first album, Little Dreamer picked up by Blue Thumb Records (subsidiary of Universal) and released in 2008. It debuted at #6 on the British charts, was nominated for a Brit Award, and generally allowed her to tour, reach fans, and enjoy “living the dream”.

When she finished her commitment, the label asked her if she wanted to continue and she politely declined. She spent the last few years writing and recording her recent offerings.

She also talks about her inspiration from her Dad, Ben Castle, her time on the set of “An Education” involving burley men lifting her like a set piece, and lots of other great stories.

We also play two songs from her newest EP, Wretched Body. We play “Princess” and the title track, “Wretched Body”.


Beth Rowley – returning to the independent music scene amongst the birch trees


The guitar that Beth Rowley uses to put together some ideas for songs