Interview: Bekah Kelso

Sep 16, 2013 by

Bekah Kelso joined us live on the show to talk about how she got started, what’s anchored her in San Antonio and about her fantastic new album just out this August, Within the Shifting Shade. (I called it “Beneath the Shifting Shade” for the first part of the interview… #fail.) We got Bekah to talk about the reasons behind choosing the life of an independent musician and even got her to use swear words a few times.

You’ll also hear us discuss lots of other stuff, play a couple of songs from the new album, and generally have a good time.


I would like to thank Bekah for taking the time to join us live on the show, as well as Laura Marie for inadvertently bringing us together, although Bekah claims it was the other way around.

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Bekah’s album, Within the Shifting Shade, is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and anywhere else worthy of the great album.