Imaginary Song by Errant Boy – Free Music Feature MP3

Jul 24, 2015 by

“Imaginary Song” by Errant Boy is available for free today! This is his second available track and it’s an most definitely an interesting listen. Thanks to Errant Boy himself for sharing this with us, and for doing so for free.

This song bounces in on an hyperactive bassline, ramps up the hooks, descends into vulnerable remorse and leaves with a renewed buoyancy. Like all serious pop music, that’s a lifetime in three minutes. The line up for this track is Flooze – Fender Bass/ Kurtz– Rickenbacker guitar/ Kirk Wood– drums/Dennis– Nord keyboard/ The Errant Boy– song, voice, cheap guitar. Errant Boy lives and works in the east of Scotland. An album is scheduled for autumn, 2015.