I’m a Fever by Moving Castles – Free Music Feature MP3

Jul 17, 2014 by

This weeks free music feature is the cracking track ‘I’m a Fever’ by Moving Castles. This was one of our music submissions which we played this for the first time on last weeks live show! This track is ridiculously catchy, so download it now and then sing it for the rest of the day. (Just me?)

In 2011 Moving Castles split their energy between getting settled in to their new home of Austin, Texas and releasing their acclaimed debut EP “Twin Daggers” digitally and on CD format. Written, produced, engineered and promoted entirely by the band without outside help. Though having a somewhat fluid lineup upon relocating to Austin, Moving Castles has always been focused on writing epic, catchy songs about their lives and making energetic and honest indie rock music.

Moving Castles is: John Eric Hetherington, Nick Cogdill, Marshall Garrett Berry, Kyle Durst & Blake Rawlings.

‘Setting Fire’ EP out now!