I’ll Never Tell by The Glass Child – Free Music Feature MP3

Mar 13, 2015 by

“I’ll Never Tell” by The Glass Child is your free music feature of the week this week. We played her single “The Fall” on the live show Monday and it made me want more from this girl, so off I stumbled to her Soundcloud page to discover that she has a beautiful selection of freebies that could be yours to own today! Start here, and  then continue down the winding path that is Charlotte Eriksson.

The story of The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is one of those you usually see on movies. Only 18 years old she left everything she had and knew, family and friends, and moved  to London to dedicate her life to her music and art. A vague dream about reaching out with her music became an everlasting journey about fighting for your right to build a life on your own terms, learning what it means to be an artist and how to make an impact. Forward four years and she has started her own record label Broken Glass Records, released 5 EPs, released her critically acclaimed debut full-length ‘I’d Like To Remain A Mystery’ in February 2013, had her single ”I Will Lead You Home” reaching #2 on the Swedish Itunes-chart and was names Breakthrough Indie Artist Of The Year by Lemonade Magazine. In April 2013 she also independently published her first book “Empty Roads and Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps”, telling the story about leaving, searching and going after your dream.

New album “I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die” available now.