Idle Stranger by Miccoli – Free Music Feature MP3

Oct 4, 2013 by

I am a huge fan of this track, and of this band! Miccoli’s track ‘Idle Stranger’ is one of those songs that is hauntingly good, and one that I’ve continued to listened to on a regular (almost daily) basis.

The Birmingham band consists of twin brothers, Adriano and Alessandro, along with their sister Francesca. They have toured the US and UK, writing and performing together for the past 4 years. Having worked with legendary producers, they have hung out with Motley Crue, written songs, had an altercation with Paris Hilton in a toilet, been cautioned by the highway patrol, written more songs and learnt a great deal about producing their own music. What is more, they have performed at the O2 Wireless festival, written even more songs, lived in their car equipped with a mobile bar and cooker built by themselves and had one of the members of the band suffer a near fatal heart operation. They have turned down a gig for Kevin Costner, moved to Penang and landed a sponsorship deal, shot their debut video, written even more songs, performed more gigs and that is just the half of it.

I had the pleasure of meeting the band last year at Discovery 2, we had a lovely, light-heartened chat before I was completely blown away with their performance.