Ian by Tom Rosenthal – Free Music Feature MP3

Sep 27, 2013 by

Tom Rosenthal’s biography simply states: “Tom is a person who writes songs”, which we can see is no word of a lie. This months free music feature lends itself to his new single ‘Ian’. This track was brought to me by faithful friend and PR guru David Hillier, and I think you’ll agree that it is a beautiful number that only makes you want to hear more from Tom as the song goes on.

When asked the singer/songwriter described the song as so: “It’s a simple song related to real life happenings. It’s associated with the idea of things being broken before they break, or more to the point, things dying before they’re dead. But, fundamentally, it’s just a short song about a man called ‘Ian’.”

Tom has published over 100 songs, and composed songs and music for Skins, Oprah, Masterchef , NCIS, Bones, Hollyoaks and more.

He will be self-releasing Who’s That In The Fog? on 28th October.