Here Tomorrow Gone Today: 5.5 Questions With Prince Perry

Nov 25, 2013 by

Toronto native Prince Perry Gladstone seems to be a person with an endless well of energy. You might draw an identical conclusion after listening to his infectious ska/rock/reggae music. But with Perry, there’s more than music. He’s also a successful entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker who keeps a busy international travel schedule.

You’ll hear Perry’s acknowledged influences, Elvis Costello, The Clash, and Terry Hall of The Specials, throughout his music. Mostly, what you’ll hear are your feet tapping and moving on the dance floor. 

Perry took time out to talk 5.5 with us and here’s the result:

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on the radio

Wow, the first time I heard myself on the radio, damn I’ve got to think about that one. I used to host a ska radio show at a local public access college radio station, CIUT-FM, here in Toronto. That was in the mid 90’s, but I want to believe I called into a radio station before that and freaked myself out. I just can’t remember which one it was or what it was about.

What’s been your coolest day ever?

Playing at the Riverside Stomp open air festival in Germany, to a huge crowd of very appreciative fans. I don’t think I could have ever felt better about playing music than that day.

When you’re performing a song Perry where does it take you in your head?

Every song I write is a story about my life so when I sing the songs I am literally replaying that movie. I’m experiencing it, it can be very emotional, and it can be extremely exciting. Sometimes it can be really sad. It’s always a challenge for me to stay true to the song and honor the audience in front of me. I’m always striving to do both.

When you’re on stage, what’s different than you in every day life?

I play music that makes me happy so when I’m on stage I’m about as happy as I ever could possibly be. I have other moments in my life as well. Where that’s the case, my friends sometimes tell me I’m too serious, so I guess that’s the big difference.

What are your biggest challenges in maintaining a music career?

I have my hands in several pies. I have a very busy life as a professional advisor and I’m doing a lot of traveling for that, speaking gigs, promoting my book and, in general, trying to balance between the two. Yeah, the hardest part is wearing both hats effectively and being good at everything.

What’s on the ideal Prince Perry sandwich and what would  you wash it down with?

I have 2 ideal sandwiches, toasted raisin bread with fresh organic tomato, arugula out of my Dad’s garden, slice of cheese, some kind of smoked meat, not too much, just enough for flavor. The other sandwich I don’t think I could go without is exactly the same thing without the bread and meat. I’d wash it down with a fresh pipa, coconut, which has to be chopped with my own machete and come from the tree in my front yard.

What are 3 songs from your playlist?

King Kong Girio, who is a personal hero of mine, and a mentor. He’s always busting out with new songs. He just put out an EP recently and I have all of that on my playlist right now, and one of my favorite new songs is An Open Letter to Paris Hilton.

Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come

The Clash are always on my playlist. They are my favorite band, will always be my favorite band – and one of my favorite songs is Lost In The Supermarket.

Thank you, Perry.

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