Live Review: Hearts …Bleed Blues

May 26, 2010 by

David Couch

David Couch

Hello Everybody,

I know it’s been a while but if it’s not one thing then it’s definitely another and this week has seen all manner of loose ends come out of the wood work… Dubscover birthday bash this Friday – speaking of which, an interview with them which should be posted later today.  Anyway, I want to prime my wrists for it with this gig I went to in Camden the other night.


Hearts – Live Review

Well, bearing in mind I was asked to write this post gig and pre-hangover so we shall see which parts have been destroyed by excessive binge drinking and which remain, no doubt entombed in protective mucus for my necessary survival.  I digress…

Hearts are a 3 piece band from the Camden area, but don’t go getting funny ideas they are hardly conventional when it comes to the format. Lead signer and all round front man Sharpy is the focal point for both extremes that lay either side of him.   On one side we have the captivating and classically trained Alice on ukulele and backing vocals, while the stranger of the three, Ben on bass and assorted FX pedals. 

Hearts have a nurtured sound that is strange to see in a band only on their 6th gig.  Aside from the clever Muse vs. Lady Gaga mashup, the gig was quite promising for the young band.  If songs like “Blackbeard” and “What Can’t Be Bought” are anything to go by, Hearts’ future is brighter than a certain phone network.  

As to be expected the growing pains were still evident.  The harmonies, while good, struggled to reach a compromise and the lead vocals were in danger of a wash out, but while finding thier feet the crowd found theirs and a connection was made;  a rare and beautifull thing that makes my trips to these dive bars worthwhile.


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