Goodbye Uncle Bill… Engaged?!

May 18, 2008 by

After a few 20 plus hour drives to and from South Carolina, a wonderful funeral service and a great gathering of the Panos (that’s pronounced “Punish” for those not privy to the true Bohemian pronunciations of things) family we said good-bye to my uncle, grandfather to many others, a dad, a Navy officer, and a great guy William Panos. He was a man who kept his family close to him, took care of them, and instilled family values into so many reaching far beyond his own fences. He will always be a great example of how to love and care for those around you unconditionally and without thought to the repercussions on oneself. I was blessed to have known him personally, and lucky even further that he was a member of my family. I’m going to dedicate the next show to you, Uncle Bill, so you better be listening from up there.

Thank everyone for their support in these trying times for our family. Many of you send very nice words to me and there were many more that sent nice things to our family. Thanks especially to those who comforted Bill’s widow and my Aunt Wanda. She’s an amazing woman in her own right and was blessed to have been surrounded by such love. Every memory I have of Wanda, and every time I spend with her still is full of happiness and I’m grateful that she’s so well taken care of down there in South Carolina.

Those of you awaiting a new show I’ll be posting it in the next day or two and plan to have some bigger and bigger things happening to the show. We’ve got a few great interviews coming up including Via Dove out of St. Louis.

I should also say that I’m ENGAGED! So very excited, I ended up flying out to London for the weekend immediately following my return from South Carolina, surprised Jamie completely as she had no idea I was coming, and proposed. She said, “Yes” about 15 times at dinner in her excitement and we’re actively planning the wedding for August 23rd in Livingston, Montana. Jamie’s already got a wedding dress, dresses for the wedding party ordered, a venue picked out… well, let’s just say she’s not ill prepared for so soon. I’m so excited I could spit. Heck, I think I will.

But, once again, new show on the immediate horizon, most likely tomorrow. Look forward to new music that you haven’t heard before on the show including the soothing voice of a man called Caleb Travers. Songwriting done right.

Cheers! Get a great start to your week!


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