GOGO Festival Wrap: Thoughts, Interviews, Links…

Aug 13, 2011 by

Here are the shows with the live interviews published in the past month.  We had over two hours of interviews spreading onto three shows!
And, we will also mention the shows with interviews leading up to the festival including JOANovARC, The Locals, Miri, and Anne Freier of I Am Harlequin.
All in all it was very successful for Recharged Radio and judging by the demeanor of the festival staff, it went well for them too.  Next year it’s going to be amazing, and we’re already excited.  You can get early bird tickets for next year’s show (if nothing else, you can sell them off and make a bit of scratch before the fest next year) so pop over to the GOGO Festival main website and grab yours soon!
Thanks again,
Justin, Mumin, and Remidee