Gig Review: Van Susans at Proud2 -10th March, 2012

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When Van Susans first hit the stage at Proud2, the energy of the room increased dramatically and they were met by a lively, loving crowd. It was an intimate venue (one smaller than the band were used to) but I think this made the night what it was. The closeness of the band and fans made for good atmosphere to be involved in.

van-susans-kick-drumAfter going straight into two songs the bands took some time to banter with the crowd and introduce themselves. If there music hadn’t drawn people in then their personalities would. Their likability is hard to ignore. A girl (not me) even threw her underwear on stage.

The song “Glow” really stood out amongst their set list, primarily because of the lovely feeling it willed throughout the audience. It was such a nice song to see live.

I couldn’t fault the vocals, they sounded just like the album, full of emotion and character. After meeting the band I can say that they are really as lovely as the lyrics they write. Their songs are full of heartache and happiness, and you believe every word of it.

As mentioned it was Holly’s first official gig with the band. You couldn’t tell. The violin adds originality to the bands sound. She has been playing classical violin since she was 6 (now 23) and she commented that classical music is much more critical so being in a band is way less pressure; “I’ve been doing it too long to be nervous.” The aid of additional (unusual) instruments is what helps this band to stand out.

van-susans-live-at-proud2As seen here they don’t limit themselves to just a standard drum set, half way through the gig the three brothers broke down with bongos and congas. This was definitely a highlight of the night.

It was only a one hour set and the band were worried they wouldn’t have enough time to play all their tracks so the gig moved at a fast pace. They didn’t even want to leave the stage for their obviously awaiting encore as it would have wasted time (and the stage was too small for unnecessary complications).

Their ‘encore’ consisted of their hit singles “Plans” and “Cha Cha Bang”.

“Plans” featured lovely harmonies with the lead singer of Korda Marshells (who played before Van Susans – they are definitely a band to watch). The crowd sung along and there was even an actual proposal during the song (which is about getting married). “My friend asked me to say ‘Dawn, Martin would really like you to say yes’ Pretty cool huh?!” Olly A. (She said yes).

Lastly they finished with “Cha Cha Bang” which was appreciated by the whole room. The energy was incredible, with everyone dancing, sing and clapping in the break (as seen in the music video). You could tell that the band loved it as much as the crowd.

All in all a great night, a great band, watch out for them.

Next playing at the Garage at Islington 28th April.

“Come!” Olly A.

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