Gig Review: Screama Ballerina at Bar Hall Music – 20th March, 2012

Apr 26, 2012 by

When Screama Ballerina took to the stage the first thing that couldn’t be ignored was their unique trademark clothing. The band dress in a style that I can only describe (or attempt to describe) as punk crossed with circus entire. Which (as you can imagine) is extremely intriguing…leaving you wondering what the night will bring you.

Screama-Ballerina-Gig-ReviewHaving never seen the band perform before I was eager to see how it would all play out. It wasn’t a disappointment. The ‘show’ (the word gig doesn’t do their work justice) was very theatrical and continuously entertaining to watch.

Sadly the turnout for the event was lacking, which ruined the atmosphere somewhat. However in spite of this the band managed to get the people there up and dancing. They weren’t much with the words on stage, however when they did speak you got the chance to see their quirky personalities. “Don’t worry about people thinking you’re weird, we are the weird ones…just look at what we are wearing!” (Charlie – Lead Singer) After meeting the band I can say that they’re a really funny, silly but surprisingly normal group of individuals. They were even nervous before the gig, which they took on with such crazy confidence and mental energy.

Their single “Papercuts” was released on the same day as the gig (now available on iTunes) and is a track about societies obsession with money. I think the most engaging thing about this band is the hard-hitting messages behind their music, they aren’t just singing to sing but instead to prove a point. “Skeleton Army” is about the size zero society we are living in, with lyrics such as “can’t you see them dying”. Whereas “Rich Kids” insults all things pretentious, my favourite line being:  “nobody cares about your Abercrombie bra!”

Their song “Animal” was actually the track of the night for me, as well as being the last played. The best part of seeing this band live was the little performances that happened throughout the gig.  There were ongoing aspects of dances routines and theatrical aids that transformed the gig into a rehearsed show. Ciaran commented that the band is: “A circus of madness”, and this describes them and the night perfectly.
Screama Ballerina have already won two Exposure Music Awards and will go on to do much more. Their next gig is at The Grey Horse in Kingston on Friday, the 4th of May so I advise you to get involved and see the madness for yourself.

~Claire Rozario