Gabe Reasonor of Hunter Dumped Us Here Does 5.5

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Gabe Reasonor says he’s been creating music since he was five years old.

He’s been part of numerous recordings and music projects and says Hunter Dumped Us Here encompasses his persona.

His music touches on “a blend of emotional post-hardcore and singer/songwriter style, sometimes electronic and sometimes acoustic”. His debut album, Ribcage, released in Spring 2014 collects “emotive songs from my current strugglings”. His Key EP followed up in June.

Recently, Gabe made his way to the shores of TJWS and 5.5 and you know you’re dying to here about Gabe’s favorite sandwich.

Gabe Reasonor_Hunter Dumper Us Here

Gabe Reasonor of Hunter Dumper Us Here

When you’re onstage, what’s different about you from the every day you?

I have heard a lot of “I never expected that sound to come out of you” or “man you have some pipes.” So I guess people generally view me as someone who doesn’t emit much sound and that doesn’t get excited over everyday things. My music is a very passionate thing for me, so I am far more animated and loud on stage than in normal life.

What or who inspires you to write/perform music?

The people that inspire me the most are the people that come up to me after a set teary-eyed and tell me how much a song meant to them. The ones that tell me they can identify with a song about losing a loved one to cancer, or being a stupid teenager. Musically, Josh Scogin of the Chariot is huge to me, as well as Glen Hansard. The list goes on and I will spare you the extensive details.

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on radio.

The first time I heard myself on the radio was when I was in a hardcore band. I made a really awkward joke about squirrels into the microphone at the studio to introduce the song. It was the worst thing I’ve ever said. Then the song started over the speakers and I calmly listened while smiling, realizing multiple people that had never heard my music before were hearing my music. My drummer at the time, however, was going hard in front of everyone at the radio station. Headbanging/air drumming, etc. It was quite the time.

What’s been your most memorable performance ever?

On tour this last summer, I played my set on a grand piano, and then finished it off with my song “Cave-in” in a concrete hallway in the basement of the venue. We had to go down there so as not to disturb neighbors above the venue. That song features a big sing along part, so being surrounded by concrete and voices while screaming poetry was pretty memorable.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

BLT with avocado, washed down with unsweetened tea.

What one song never ever leaves your music player’s playlist?

Jesus Christ by Brand New. Really anything by Brand New.

Thanks, Gabe!

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