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Claire Rozario

Welcome to the Justin Wayne Show’s Free Music Feature blog, written by our own Claire Rozario! She features one new free track each week on the blog that’s hot, sweet and ready for your ears.

If you are currently offering a free song and would like Claire to consider it for her blog, contact her via email: claire (at) thejustinwayneshow (dot) com. Please include:

  • A short description of your track and you (band, artist, or dog-and-pony show)
  • A link to the site where it’s streamable, embeddable and downloadable – Bandcamp or Soundcloud are good options.
  • Reason WHY she should include it.

If you’re a reader – that’s ACE and welcome. Let me know if you find anything that should be on this blog too!

Love Affair by Runabay – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Love Affair” by Runabay is our tasty feature of the week. We’ve been playing whatever this band want to send us on the live show (big fans), so thrilled to see so many TUNES available for free over on their Soundcloud page – this is just one of them.

Runabay are at the forefront of fresh, new music in Northern Ireland, a sound which has undeniably been shaped by the beautiful coastline which surrounds the Glens of Antrim and is felt through the swooping melodies and poignant lyrics. The band produce a mature sound that leaves the listener hanging on the intricate guitar riffs, mellow three part harmonies and haunting cello. Hailing from the Glens of Antrim, Belfast and Peterborough, ‘Runabay’ is a newly formed six piece band which has been functioning since February 2014. Their style has elements of folk, indie and melodic pop.

Hole In Your Chest by Millie Manders – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Hole In Your Chest” by Millie Manders is your treat of the week. I was lucky enough to see Millie do her thing live at Discovery 2, so if you like I advise you to go back and check out her live set!

Starting her musical journey at the tender age of five, Millie has a rich background in classical, big band jazz and contemporary music ranging from punk to soul and back again having grown up with music loving parents and learning clarinet, saxophone, voice and ukulele. Having had various musical projects, most notably Second Sense and one failed recording deal, Millie launched her solo career in 2013, taking her acoustic sound around the UK, building her loyal fan-base and releasing her first EP “Demon”. 2015 saw release of EP “Obsession Transgression”.

“Mystery Man” by Marchan Noelle – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Mystery Man” (live at Seahorse Sound Studios) by Marchan Noelle is our free music feature this Friday!

Marchan Noelle debut album The Witching Hour (Acoustic) released in October of 2014, came a lot of love for the bluesy acoustic rock track 5, “Mystery Man”. Most requested at live shows, Mystery Man was chosen to be featured in the Women of Substance Radio & Podcast, as well as named a Top 20 Indie Song the month of February 2015 on Most recently, a live acoustic version of the song earned Marchan Noelle a spot as a finalist and one of 6 runners up in the first international Recording Festival, out of more than 150 entries from all over the globe.

Top 10 of May 2016

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Here it is, the Top 10 of May 2016! This months contains so many of The Justin Wayne Show favourites you are going to be absolutely spoilt for choice. Check out the podcast which has all the tracks back to back, Justin’s top 5 first followed by my bangers!

You have until the last day of the month to get your votes in…


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Links to the Artists:

Skyline by The Rose Affair – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Skyline” by The Rose Affair is our free feature of the week this Friday. I love this track. I hope you will too.

The Rose Affair are fantastic four-piece indie outfit The Rose Affair. BBC Introducing regulars with a fresh EP which highlights the absolutely massive potential the band has. Recent highlights include a sell-out show at The Barfly in Camden supporting Natty.

For A While by Edewaard – Free Music Feature MP3

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“For A While” by Edewaard is your freebie this Friday. He’s been featured on the live show, and previously on the Free Music Feature with his track “Never Take Back” (also still available for free).

Edewaard is an independent American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, touring artist, & producer. He has written, performed, recorded, & published 6 albums; 4 of which Edewaard produced himself. Edewaard’s music is often noted as being reflective of classic Rock/Pop & New Wave, carrying influences reminiscent of artists from the late 70’s & early 80’s. The albums are typically riddled with short, punchy, melodic tracks focused heavily on the lyricism. Edewaard is also a song-writer & producer for the New York based, non-profit organization, Songs of Love; dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens facing tough medical, physical, or emotional challenges.

Be Still My Heart by Jacqui Treco – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Be Still My Heart” by Jacqui Treco is our free music feature of the week! After featuring this track on the live show last week I was pretty pleased to see it was also going for FREE!

EP ‘Genevieve’ is out and available now. Through simple, captivating melodies, Jacqui Treco’s lyrically-driven EP, Genevieve, explores the tension between love and vulnerability.

Green Light (unplugged) by Alex Hart – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Green Light (unplugged)” by Alex Hart is your treat of the week! We’ve been following this lady since she performed at Discovery 2. If you weren’t there on the night, download this song and then wish that you were.

Alex Hart grew up in the English countryside in East Devon and performing what she calls West Country Country, she’s been influenced by artists as diverse as KT Tunstall and Doris Day and have record deals in the UK with Right Track Records via Universal and in the US I’m signed to OK! Good Records.

Welcome to the Circus by Skittish – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Welcome to the Circus” by Skittish is our free feature as this week! This band are also currently running in our Top 10 of April 2016, so if you like this, head there give them a vote.

Skittish calls Minnesota home, and through all the national tours, SXSW successes, CMJ charting albums, and nation-wide exposure, there has been one permanent member of Skittish: Jeff Noller. Minnesota born and bred, and sprung from the same hometown as Garrison Keillor, Noller crafts songs that are at times folky, rough, weird, and bitingly sarcastic. All with literary flair and more hooks than a tackle box. He has written and recorded all Skittish albums in a hand-built lean-to of a studio in St Paul, Minnesota.

Dirt + Grime by HVMNS – Free Music Feature MP3

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“Dirt + Grime” by HVMNS is your freebie this Friday! I was lucky enough to watch and interview these guys at the last Discovery 2, and now I get a free song. Lucky, lucky me.

HVMNS is Melancholic, Dramatic Indie Pop. The band is the brainchild of producer Guus Hoevenaars with Moa Drugge on vocals. Guus wrote the music with a view to incorporated large drums, large sounds, drama and melancholy. To be played on a big stage, a Church of Indie pop.