California by Snowapple – Free Music Feature MP3

Oct 3, 2014 by

“California” by Snowapple is this weeks delightful free music feature for you to take home with you today! Three girls from Amsterdam make up this interesting band, who combine harmonies with a variety of quirky musical instruments to create their unique sound. More often than not our free music feature is sourced from acts that I’ve had the fortune of meeting at Discovery 2 and this week I’m sticking to tradition! So if you like this go check out their live set and interview now.

SNOWAPPLE have done a lot of living, more so than many musicians twice their age. Dig beneath the surface of this earthy, almost unassuming, folk/chanson trio, and you’ll find a tangle of rich and varied life experiences. Together the three young Dutch women are SNOWAPPLE, a group that ambitiously draws upon markedly different musical genres to create a uniquely eclectic yet wholly natural sound. Their eponymous debut album (released in 2013) is beautiful and beguiling in equal measure, full of catchy pop-folk numbers punctuated by excursions into the darker and more romantic side of the human condition. Their new album, Illusions, shows a marked growth and experimentation in the band’s repertoire, and has a richer, more developed sound. For this album they worked with a wide range of producers and musicians, including xxx. The band is on a continual whistle-stop tour of continental Europe, UK and USA. Debt Records is delighted and proud to have become Snowapple’s UK homebase. Louis Barabbas, Debt Records.