Week 52 by Frank Hamilton – Free Music Feature MP3

Aug 8, 2014 by

‘Week 52’ by Frank Hamilton is your free feature this week.

We bloody love this guy. Everything he puts outs makes me happy on the inside, so obviously I’m very happy to see that he’s has all his songs listed from his ‘one song a week’ challenge that he did back in 2012.

Not adverse to challenges this is also the man who recorded one of his EP’s on one round trip on the London Eye!

Frank Hamilton is an English singer/songwriter/producer, best known for his #OneSongaWeek project. He spent the whole of 2012 writing, recording and releasing one song a week. Most of the songs were recorded on a laptop in #OneSongaWeek HQ (Frank’s living room) and released every Friday along with a frightfully honest blog.

The ‘Best of #OneSongaWeek’ album was rush-released on December 10th in response to iTunes choosing week 45′s song (Flaws & Ceilings) as their free single of the week. The project was 100% DIY, cost absolutely nothing (apart from the endless supply of tea-bags) and culminated in the first and last #OneSongaWeek live show at Camden Barfly (sold out) with some very special guests from the 52 weeks.