Hole In Your Chest by Millie Manders – Free Music Feature MP3

May 13, 2016 by

“Hole In Your Chest” by Millie Manders is your treat of the week. I was lucky enough to see Millie do her thing live at Discovery 2, so if you like I advise you to go back and check out her live set!

Starting her musical journey at the tender age of five, Millie has a rich background in classical, big band jazz and contemporary music ranging from punk to soul and back again having grown up with music loving parents and learning clarinet, saxophone, voice and ukulele. Having had various musical projects, most notably Second Sense and one failed recording deal, Millie launched her solo career in 2013, taking her acoustic sound around the UK, building her loyal fan-base and releasing her first EP “Demon”. 2015 saw release of EP “Obsession Transgression”.