Rewind and Retake by Julia And The Basement Tapes – Free Music Feature MP3

Jan 22, 2016 by

“Rewind and Retake” by Julia And The Basement Tapes is our free music feature of the week! This track is taken off the bands new EP ‘The Dues’ which they’ve kindly posted in it’s entirety on their Soundcloud page. We’ve been lovely the tunes off it on the live show, and now you can too!

Julia And The Basement Tapes were formed in the end of 2012 when Julia Tinglöf (vocal) and Johan Borgh (guitar) had been writing songs together for a while and decided it was time to start a band. The best rhythm section available was contacted, consisting of Samuel Söderberg on bass and Johannes Sidenqvist on drums. The newly formed band participated in the band contest Spinnrocken, which they won. Shortly after that they recorded their EP “The Basement Sessions” with the help of producer Andreas Rydman. The first EP was released in the end of May 2013. Short after Richard Hamilton playing the keys joined in with the band.