Sicky Song by Alex Blood & The Diggers: Free Music Feature MP3

Nov 7, 2014 by

“Sicky Song” by Alex Blood & The Diggers couldn’t be a more perfect track for your free music feature this week! Reason 1. because it’s friday, reason 2. because I have actually been ill all week and wish I had to guts to make this phone call! Alex Blood & The Diggers are Discovery alumni and we had the pleasure of meeting back along! Now, they have just played the most recent Discovery at the Islington, so if you like this then stay tuned for interviews and live sets coming soon.

Alex Blood & The Diggers are a genre mashing band with a plot under their belt, and not just one for growing veg in. Their unique blend of punk, rock, rap and reggae, has forged a sound described as “impossible to pigeonhole”. Lyrical wit reminiscent of the classic punk poets comes mixed with an edge and urgency in the music that commands attention. Alex Blood is a lyricist, producer and performer. He has toured alongside Jay Z, featured on tracks with Amy Winehouse and had airplay on BBC Radio 1, 1xtra, 6Music and MTV. Alex Blood & The Diggers released their debut album this year.