Pingu in the Igloo (Tom Rosenthal Cover) by Keston Cobblers Club – Free Music Feature MP3

Oct 10, 2014 by

“Pingu in the Igloo” (Tom Rosenthal Cover) by the Keston Cobblers Club is your to own today!

This week’s free music feature can be see as a double whammy in some respects as it is one of The Justin Wayne Show’s much loved bands covering one of The Justin Wayne Show’s much loved artists! I know, it’s like all your Christmas and birthday coming all at once and I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy the outcome of such a combination.

Keston Cobblers’ Club formed in 2009 with sibling duo Matthew and Julia Lowe, joining their old Keston school friends to make foot-stamping mod-folk music.

The band is based on the folklore of the old, penniless cobbler of Keston. His business was struggling and he would cheer  himself up by throwing barn dances  for the villagers. The rip-roaring dancing would wear out the soles ofthe villagers’ shoes, and so the cobbler was never short of work again! (See “Story” for the whole shebang!) Keston Cobblers’ Club have established a great reputation for their professional, yet completely DIY approach to making a record. From the recording process, artwork, films and promotion, they have done everything themselves. Cobblers is all about collaboration, and many talented musicians also play frequently with the band.

Tom Rosenthal is a “person who writes songs” in his own words, in reality he is doing a hell of a lot more . Go check him out (you’ll thank me later).