Free EP from The Nature of Ghosts: Molded Chrome

Feb 6, 2012 by

Four free MP3s from the upcoming EP release “Molded Chrome” from The Nature of Ghosts.  They won’t be free for very long, so download them fast if you want them!

Lonely minds, haunted nights, and empty bourbon bottles define the nature of ghosts southern gothic songs. They wander through rural back roads telling stories of a decaying American landscape filled with broken families, hard times, and unhinged killers.

TNOG’s  E.P., Molded Chrome, pits the stories against a delicious sense of dark humor. Musically, multi-instrumentalist Allen Terhune’s songwriting, playing, and recording values have never been sharper.

Seeds for the nature of ghosts were planted in 1979 when Allen Terhune and Randy Combs walked into an ancient studio at Ball State University. Terhune played while Combs turned dials. The whereabouts of those vanished session tapes remain a mystery. Over the years, their passion for music and words culminated in the nature of ghosts project.molded-chrome-nature-of-ghosts

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  1. Justin…

    We’re honored and humbled to have our music played by a leader in independent music broadcasting.

    Thank you!

    Allen & Randy
    the nature of ghosts