5.5 With Montreal’s First You Get The Sugar

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First You Get The Sugar drummer Dan Moscovitch stopped by the JWS chat room and talked about a variety of topics including their just released EP Foreign Lands. Typically, after answering 5.5 Questions, many artists clam up. Not only did Dan stick around for the entire show, he discussed travel, producing music, and life in Montreal.

Here’s Dan’s chat interview:

When you’re onstage, what’s different about you from the every day you?

Being on stage is the time when I can forget about all the hard work and stress that goes into getting to be on that stage in the first place. It’s like home base, in a way.

What or who inspires you to write/perform music?

For all of us in the band, it’s very different. For me, it’s an insatiable urge to be as deep with music as possible at all times. I guess it’s music itself, and its boundless wonders that keeps me endlessly engaged.

First You Get The Sugar

Montreal band First You Get The Sugar

Tell us about the first time you heard yourself on radio.

We knew it was going to be happening, that we’d be featured on a show called Montreal Rocks on CHOM FM. The host is this dude Jay Walker, who is working really hard to give a platform to independent music in our city. So, we all got together at our bassist Mick’s place, had a bit of a party and blasted the segment when our tune came on and Jay talked about us. Pretty big thrill. I think there’s a video of it somewhere 🙂

What’s been your most memorable performance ever?

I’m not sure all of us in the band would answer this question the same way, because it’s hard to choose just one.. It’s really hard for me to choose, but I’d have to go with our set at CMJ in New York City a few weeks ago. It was really awesome to finally play in the States, let alone on Bleecker Street

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich and what would you wash it down with?

Big Kahuna Burger and a Sprite, naturally.

What one song never ever leaves your music player’s playlist?

Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodleloo by The Grateful Dead

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